Vacuum excavation or suction excavation provides a safer, low risk alternative to traditional excavation techniques. Ideal for live service excavation. The Vacuum excavation process involves the use of suction generated by a vacuum lorry delivered via an air lance in order to remove materials such as waste, rubble, soil, earth and water from ground level or higher level.
The material is self contained within the machine and then tipped directly into loading wagons directly leading to increased site cleanliness by tipping up to 12m3 of spoil in a designated area.
Because vacuum excavation has so much less of an environmental impact than its traditional mechanical counterparts do, it is a great choice for anyone with a vested interest in protecting their environmental impact.
Main benefits include the reduction of manual hand digging, thereby lessening the associated health risks for construction and demolition workers on site allowing increased productivity compared to conventional excavating methods as well as increased safety.
Most importantly, for both industry operatives and the general public, vacuum excavation is exponentially faster than other excavation methods. Finally, because vacuum excavation is so precise, it is much easier to carry out repairs once the excavation has been completed, which again has a positive environmental effect to service Industries such as civils, water, gas, & electric.

MTS Dino 5 Triple Fan

The power of a third fan provides supreme suction that allows us to vacuum excavate from a distance up to approximately 250m. This, combined with an impressive 12.9 cubic metre skip capacity, allows superior production time and is particularly suitable where access Is an issue.

MTS Dino Twin Fan High Tip

Boasting an impressive 12.9 cubic metre skip, this unit will hold almost twice that of the traditional 26 tonne units and can tip directly into a muck away lorry or grab wagon, drastically reducing handling. Our high tip also has a hydrostatic drive installed and a large water/slurry pump attached, offering the ability to vacuum whilst moving and to remove water from excavations to allow the continuations of works.

MTS City Dino Twin Fan

For works in inner city locations where access to larger suction excavators can be restricted. This model has twin fan configuration and remote control hydraulic telescopic boom. The 16 tonne chassis benefits from an on-board air compressor self cleaning in-line filtration system.

The MTS Dino 5 Triple Fan, MTS Dino Twin Fan and the MTS City Fan are all available for hire on request. Please contact us directly for more information on this.