Deconstruction & Dismantling

We have vast experience in deconstruction and dismantling complex structures which in turn require a great deal of planning to ensure the works are carried out in a safe manner. We deliver the very highest standards of service, ensuring we account for both safety and the environment at all stages of the project.

Where traditional methods of demolition are deemed unachievable, we bring in our specialist team who are able to use deconstruction and dismantling methods/techniques to ensure controlled safe measures are implemented for each individual project.

The structures we deconstruct or dismantle are frequently encapsulated with demolition scaffolding which incorporate sound attenuation and external sheeting. Collectively these minimise sound pollution, environmental dust and vibration levels.

Any temporary works required are installed and signed off facilitating selective structural deconstruction or dismantling. Cranes, hoists or mast climbers are often used for the egress of materials, with the structure being progressively deconstructed or dismantled using our competent demolition teams who methodically execute the works within the parameters of our stringent health and safety procedures.