Complete Regeneration offers an asbestos management and removal service. All asbestos works are carefully supervised and undertaken by specially trained and experienced personnel. In removing this extremely hazardous material we have experienced professionally qualified managers that ensure all works are executed in accordance with current legislation and to best practice. Complete is qualified to remove any non notifiable asbestos materials and to ensure the highest levels of health and safety are maintained, removal of any substance containing asbestos is undertaken in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. If your project includes notifiable asbestos removal, we are able to manage your requirements with the assistance of our partner company.

Our Commitment to the Environment

Every organisation has a responsibility to continuously assess the environmental impact of what they do and Complete Regeneration is no different. To improve our environmental performance, we are seeking to extend on our ISO 9001 and gain accreditation of our environmental management system which operates in compliance with ISO 14001 within the next year.

Waste Management Credentials

For many years, Complete has prioritised the recovery and re-use of waste demolition materials. Our approach to segregating materials at source, together with our investment in specialist machine attachments enables us to divert in excess of 90% of our demolition waste from landfill.