Waters Mass Spectrometry, Wilmslow

Complete Regeneration carried out the full demolition of the office block on Waters Mass in Wilmslow for Vinci Construction.  The works included the removal of roof tiles and features under the full supervision of the site ecologist to collect, shelter and then re-house the bats that were roosting within the roof structure.  Over 20 bats were collected and were re-housed in a purpose made replica on completion of demolition.

Fully trained MEWP operatives accompanied by an ecologist accessed the roof starting at ridge level. The ridge tiles, roof tiles and all features capable of supporting roosting bats e.g. soffits etc. were lifted individually and checked for the presence of bats. Once the tiles were removed the roof structure including eaves were checked for roosting bats and a permit to demolish was issued once satisfied.

The remainder of the building was mechanically demolished by a demolition spec excavator fitted with a 360 degree rotating selector grab, starting at roof level working progressively downwards. As the building was demolished the resulting materials were segregated into their different commodities (wood, bricks, metals, waste etc).