Hawes Side School, Blackpool

Complete Regeneration was appointed to carry out the full demolition of Hawes Side School in Blackpool for Morgan Sindall, following completion of the new school.

Asbestos was removed under fully licensed conditions from numerous locations in the school.  Works then commenced with the hand demolition of a 2 storey overhang which was undertaken out of hours, followed by a strip-out of all loose materials including furniture, carpets and ceilings. Mechanical demolition works followed using two excavators fitted with specialist demolition attachments.

Following this phase of works the majority of the ground slabs and footings were broken up using a hydraulic breaker.  During the final stage the site team used hand demolition techniques to demolish a single storey building which was located close to a live nursery.  The waste was segregated during the demolition process.  Metal, wood and hardcore were sent directly to recycling centres.  The remaining waste was sorted further at the waste transfer station. 99% of the waste was diverted from landfill.