Former Guest Houses, Central Drive, Blackpool

Complete Demolition were appointed as Principal Contractor to demolish 75-85 Central Drive, Blackpool. A substantial section of the buildings had suffered fire damage therefore structural surveys were undertaken to establish a suitable method for demolition. Extensive scaffolding was erected both to the internal and external elevations to provide access for operatives. Once the building was made safe a specialist asbestos removal team were able to remove all the notifiable asbestos from within the buildings. The buildings were then demolished by hand down to first floor level and were finished using demolition excavators. The basements had to be structurally back-filled up to the surrounding ground floors levels to enable the site to be re-used as a car park. The site was situated on one of Blackpool’s busiest roads through the town and close to residential properties and shops.

Prior to commencement of works our H&S team worked closely with the Highways Department at Blackpool Council with regards to accessing the site and obtaining the relevant permits and road closures. The neighbouring properties were contacted and informed of the scope and programme of the works. Meetings were held prior to the commencement of the works and throughout the works with key stakeholders. 98% of demolition waste was recycled or reused.